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The Challenge of Long-Term Travel and How To Conquer It

Posted on September 7th, 2017
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When dealing with long-term travel, you are faced with a great deal of “what if” scenarios. Instead of living with extensive to-do lists and planning every moment of the entire process, you are faced with different circumstances. Here are some of the long-term travel challenges you might be faced with:

  • What if there are changes in the weather?
  • What if you have to have insurance or find that you area running low on funds?
  • Will you be able to consistently find a Wi-Fi connection on which you can depend?
  • How will you deal with language barriers?
  • How can you get quality sleep on a consistent basis when you are constantly crossing time zones?

There is certainly a lot to think about when long-term travel is the item at hand. Luckily, we have some tips for you, no matter what your reasons for the travel.

Budget and Prioritize
Your budget should be the primary factor around which your trip revolves. There are even tools to help with this, including NomadList and The Earth Awaits. They help you gain a clear picture of the type of budget you will need based on where you are going to be, the living style you prefer, the internet speed you need, safety, air pollution and your attitude towards travelers with different sexual orientations.

Another tool used to help with daily costs of travel is Budget Your Trip. We do suggest that you add in up to twenty percent for a buffer, so that you are in no danger of running out of funds. You can also track your spending on apps such as Wave and TrailWallet.

Finding Wi-Fi That Is Reliable
Wi-Fi is an important aspect of practically every trip. Whether you are looking up the next place you plan to stop, or attempting to navigate places with which you are unfamiliar, it is a definite necessity. The good news is that there are many options.

If you are trying to navigate airport Wi-Fi, especially if you are going to be in several different locations, you can use the FoxNomad blog and its interactive map. It lists the passwords for airport Wi-Fi and the lounges in them as well. The site features airports worldwide and is updated on a regular basis. Many hotel chains also give guests free access to basic levels of Wi-Fi, but charge a bit more for higher speeds.

If coffee shops are your choice for internet receptions, then you will find WorkFrom to be your go-to tool. It is crowdsourced and allows searched of work-friendly places based on the speed of their Wi-Fi connection speeds, whether they are friendly towards pets and what their hours are. It is good for more than 1200 cities worldwide.

Other areas where Wi-Fi can be found are, of course, McDonald’s as well as Starbucks. They are known for their free Wi-Fi, even in worldwide situations. Some cities such as Singapore and Tokyo give tourists free Wi-Fi if you sign up in advance of your travels.

If none of these options suits your needs, you still have some other options. For instance, you could choose to get international data for your phone’s plan. Both Sprint and T-Mobile offer these plans. However, it can get quite expensive, especially if you are going to be traveling for extended periods. Make sure to inquire about the rates from your carrier before you make international plans.

If your travels happen to take you into Denver, make sure to ask a Denver limo service like PFC Transportation about their Wi-Fi options. They can direct in many ways to services you might not have already known about.