The Challenges Of Airport Travel

Despite a pandemic, many executives have to travel for work. We share a few tips to plan for your long-term travel plans.

There are a lot of individuals that conduct the high-pressure of traveling on a full-time basis for various reasons. These people handle a strenuous schedule on a weekly basis with little to no downtime for themselves, extensive (and always growing) to-do lists, meticulously planning every moment of their days and are always presented with those dreaded “what if” scenarios. Scenarios like:
  • What if there are changes in the weather?
  • What if you need insurance or find that you are running low on funds?
  • Will you be able to consistently find a Wi-Fi that is constant and stable?
  • How will you deal with potential language barriers that present themselves?
  • How can you yourself get quality sleep on a regular basis while maintaining this hectic lifestyle?
These are challenges for sure and even seem daunting to wrap your head around sometimes but here are a few tips that we feel will be beneficial to you and potentially will help your overall experience regardless of your travel reasons. 

Prioritizing Your Budget During Your Trip

Maintaining a budget in day to day life is normal for each and every person, no matter what your profession may be. Budgeting becomes even more important when planning for your potential expenditures when mapping out your next business trip. No matter what or where you’ll be departing and arriving at, your budget should be the main factor around your trip.

There are lots of helpful tools that can assist you with managing your budget including but not limited to NomadList  and The Earth Awaits. These sites can help you gain a better picture of the size of budget you’ll need based on many factors like where you’re going to be, your level of comfort that you desire, internet speeds, safety, air quality and your demeanor towards other travelers who share different life preferences and lifestyles than you do. 

Another great tool that can be used to help manage your daily costs of travel is Budget Your Trip. Budget your trip is a great website that can also be useful in creating an expense list, however,  we do suggest that you add in up to twenty percent for a buffer, so that you don't run out of funds. There are also applications that can track your spending habits such as Wave and TrailWallet although the latter is Iphone specific.

Reliable Wifi In Your Area

With more and more things becoming digital, Wi-Fi is an essential aspect of every trip regardless if it’s for business or pleasure. The good news is that there are many options for Wifi service in this day in age that won’t completely destroy your data plan and some places are even offering free wifi as a perk of their business whether you’re there for an hour or days on end. 

If you are attempting to connect to airport Wi-Fi, you can use the FoxNomad app that's available on android and the apple store and utilize its interactive map. It lists the passwords for airport Wi-Fi and the lounges in them as well while continuing to update the content on a regular basis. The site features airports both regional and worldwide wifi networks and passwords so that you can know that you’re logging on to a safe and secure internet connection while traveling. 

Tons of hotel chains have also begun implementing free wifi access to give guests free access to basic levels of Wi-Fi which many use for streaming apps such as Hulu, Youtube, Netflix etc etc, but charge a bit more for higher speeds if you need them. If private coffee shops are your choice for internet reception, then you will find the WorkFrom app to be your go-to to find your internet access spot (and also enjoy a latte). It is a crowdsourced site and allows searches of work-friendly places based on the speed of their Wi-Fi connection speeds,if they’re friendly towards pets, what their hours are, and it has over 1200 cities in their database.

Other areas where Wi-Fi can be found are chain restaurants such as McDonald’s and Starbucks. They are known to offer stable, free Wi-Fi, no matter where you are in the world. International cities such as Singapore and Tokyo offer tourists free Wi-Fi if you register in advance of your travels to their countries.

If none of these options suits your needs, you still have options. For instance, you could choose to get international data from your cell phone provider. Lots of companies including Sprint and T-Mobile not only offer these plans but also add the option for a mobile hotspot, therefore you create your own internet access point that you can restrict via a password. Keep in mind that it can get a bit pricey especially if you are going to be traveling for extended periods so make sure to gather information about their rates from your service provider before you begin making international plans.

Regardless of where your travels take you, these tips should help you plan and execute your many trips around the United States and throughout the world. If you happen to end up in the Denver/Aurora area, know that we here at Private First Class Transportation are the premier providers of airport limo service and corporate executive travel. Feel free to reach out to us to schedule an appointment or request a quest and experience our white glove service for yourself!


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