Hiring A Driver For Your Wedding Events

Considering using a private driver for your big day? We share a few tips and things to ask your professional car service.

 Imagine this scenario: It’s your big day. Everything is put in place, you’ve ordered the perfect dress, wedding cake, all the guests are placed at tables for the reception that will get along with each other, the DJ is amazing, your mahi-mahi is cooked to perfection by the caterers and your wedding planner has made sure that whatever spectacle that you have in place for your moment when you say I DO goes off without a hitch. You’ve done all of this meticulous planning and there’s just one problem: you don’t have proper transportation to your venue…

Sounds like a nightmare scenario right? A lot of the time people worry about the smallest details regarding their special day from the types of china that that will be using, the colors of the flower girl’s dress and even down to the way that the napkins are folded at the table, will even reserve a party bus for the bachelor/bachelorette parties respectively but never take the time to decide just how they’re getting themselves and their wedding party to the venues. This overlooked fact nine times out of ten often ends in some kind of disaster on that day that’s supposed to be filled with magic and whimsy. 

People may depend on a family member to get them to the church or do something like hire a school bus driver to get them everywhere on that day (yes, people do actually do that) but why not take the time to consider the positives on hiring a personal limo service for your day (or weekend)? We will go over the positives of hiring a reputable, licensed professional limousine service for your wedding transportation. 

Perks To Hiring A Driver

Reputation: Nothing more matters to a private limousine service than the reputation of their company. Their interactions with the clientele is a direct line between themselves and those receiving their services in the future. A driver who is stellar in their field is thoughtful, considerate and makes sure that all of their needs are met through anticipating them before they are even requested by the passengers. Word of mouth is still powerful as well as online reviews so outstanding drivers like the ones employed by Private First Class receive nothing but positive reviews by clients who have had their services on their special days.

Experience: The old saying goes that nothing is better than having experience. There’s a reason why people who apply for jobs are asked how much experience in their field: because the more experience that they have, the less likely they are to make mistakes and are able to perform exceptionally well at their jobs. The same can be said in the professional limousine service industry. More than likely, they’ve been a chauffeur for many people's wedding days and understand every thought, every worry, every concern that both the bride and groom are feeling. They can offer personal insight into the scope of the moment and maybe offer some helpful advice to them if asked while maintaining a positive outlook on their day.

Punctuality: Timeliness is almost close to godliness. You need your time on your special day to run like clockwork and your schedule is to be followed to the letter. With a little bit of wiggle room, you expect for your wedding limo rental service to arrive early, prepared for the day at hand. A PFC driver will show up at least fifteen minutes early dressed to impress and ready to provide you with our signature white glove limousine service, the absolute best service that you can receive here in the Denver wedding transportation scene. Our drivers will take any request from the bride and groom to heart and cater to their exacting needs. We will see to it that you arrive in style, leave in style and won’t rest until your day is perfect and on your schedule.

Safety and Security: A driver will have all of the credentials that are required by law to operate a personal limo service, including insurance, licensing and other proper paperwork. In this day in age, PFC drivers have this paperwork and are certified to serve you. Also, with the pandemic still existing we take every step to make sure that every touchable surface is cleaned, sanitized and disinfected with each and every emptying of the cabin. We make sure that we are thorough and precise so that you are never exposed to any potential viruses. Our private transportation chauffeurs always arrive in masks and gloves and operate under a minimal to no contact policy to keep everyone safe. 

Family Feel: Something that you can replicate in anyone’s life is family or the way that family treats each other. Here at PFC Transportation, we strive to make that feeling a reality. Every customer that crosses our paths is considered part of the PFC family and we treat every client as such (just not the black sheep of the family). We care just as much about your special day as you do and want it to go off without a hitch therefore we will stop at nothing short of a miracle to make everything run smoothly on our end. Thankfully, that’s just another day of service that we provide on a regular basis for our PFC family as we strive for perfection.

Your wedding day is a memory that you will cherish forever and here at Private First Class Transportation can’t wait to be a part of your special day. Contact us today and let up be your premier wedding limo rental service! Whether it be one or many limos, a party bus or two for the nights beforehand or any custom order that you have we can make those special arrangements for you! Our customer service representatives will be able to provide you with a quote and schedule not only for your wedding transportation needs but any and everything else in between that weekend. 

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